5 Things you should do for a Northern Vietnam Travel

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Vietnam becomes more and more popular for visitors all around the world. Located in tropical area, there are four seasons per year, specifically Northern Vietnam has winter, spring, summer and autumn in a year. If you plan to visit Vietnam from min-December to late March, it is winter time in Vietnam. The perfect destinations for these cold days are Hanoi, Sapa, Ninh Binh and so on. Here is a list of activities to do during traveling in Northern Vietnam:

1. Walking around Hoàn Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake is situated in the center of Hanoi. Visitors can feel the peaceful beauty of this magnificent lake standing out the stressful and busy life.

It is said to be the most famous attraction site in Hanoi for both tourists and local people. In the early mornings, you can see locals doing exercises and walking around the lake. In Tet holiday, it will be very crowded with many people the gathering to watch firework’s performance and exchange well wishes to everyone. It is also the ideal place to take wedding photos for couples.

In the north-west side of Hoan Kiem Lake, you can move to visit West Lake, one of the largest lakes in Hanoi. With around VND 80,000, you can try the swan paddle-boats per hour only to have a view from the inside of this lake.

2. Experience snow in Sapa

Sapa is famous for its beautiful rice terraces, hiking trails and ancient village in the mountains. It is only place having snow in the winter in Vietnam. If you want to experience the snow in Sapa, between late December and late January is the suitbale time to visit when temperatures can decrease to very low minus like 3 degree C.

Fansipan Mountain is one of the most famous places in Sapa. As the highest mountain in Indochina, you can experience an extrodinary view at the top. It takes a minimum of three days to get to the peak and back. You will be required to plan and prepare in advance to tackle terrain that is rugged, wet and often cold. From October to April is suitable time for climbing because it is dry and not rainny.

Nowadays, it will be easier if you choose to move by a cable car system. You can experience the jaw-dropping scenery of Sapa from high above. It takes only about 20 minutes with 33 USD.

3. Explore caves in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is a quite new tourist destination in Northern Vietnam for visitors. Spending about 4 hours to drive from Hanoi, you will visit “Ha Long Bay on Land” with its large green fields and many limestone cliffs that scatter across the rice fields. The local often visit Ninh Binh during their short holidays to get away from the busy of city life.

Ninh Binh is more famous in recent days because the Kong movie: Skull Island and Running Man which is very famous Korean variety show were both filmed here.

To rent a bicycle is highly recommended to move around and discover the beauty of nature here.

Usually, you will sit on boat to move to Trang An. On the way, you will find gorgeous temples, many grand-looking valleys as well as a system of 50 different caves. The cost to go on boat is about 150,000 VND

4. Rent a scooter

Scooter is perfect transportation to move in Vietnam. There are small lanes, tiny corners you can explore with scooter.

And scooter is also known to be the main vehicle in Vietnam. You might be overwhelmed by the amount of scooter on the streets. And absolutely, riding a scooter in Hanoi is very different from riding one anywhere else in the world. You need to be confident in case choosing to ride a scooter in Vietnam cause there is a lack of traffic rules here.

5. Trying the street food

It will not be completed if you do not try the street food in Vietnam. It is said that Vietnamese dishes is considered as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

You can see fresh ingredients, minimal use of dairy and oil, and a selective array of fragrant herbs and meats in many Vietnamese dishes. In recent days, excepting from Pho, Banh Mi is more popular for tourists cause. You can be surprised with a crispy baguette sandwich stuffed with layers of meat, parsley and aromatic herbs topped with some creamy mayonnaise. And can you believe it’s only about 20,000 VND. There dozens of pushcarts selling Banh mi all over Vietnam for your choice.

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