60th anniversary of Hanoi Liberation Day

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Today (October 10, 2014), the whole Hanoi is celebrating its special day – 60th anniversary of its Liberation Day. On this day 60 years ago (October 10, 1954), Hanoi capital was liberated. On this day 60 years ago, Hanoi was brightened with national flags, flowers and banners to welcome Vietnamese People’s Army taking over the capital. This actually was a glorious milestone marking a new period in the country’s history, opening a new era of freedom and happiness.

fireworks hanoi - Vietnamembassy.com

Today, a wide range of activities including parades, music performances are being held to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Hanoi Liberation Day.

One of the most exciting activities being held on this day is 30 firework shows from 21:00 to 21:15 tonight, including:

  • 5 high range venues: Hoan Kiem Lake (Return Sword Lake), Thong Nhat Park, West Lake, Van Quan Lake, My Dinh National Stadium.
  • 25 medium range venues in 25 remaining districts and towns in Hanoi.

If you are in Hanoi, don’t miss this chance to immerse yourself in such a bustling air.