Jul, 2018

7 basic costs for a trip to Vietnam for Canadians

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Planning ahead for each trip always gives us headaches. Where to go? Should we choose a budget hotel? Should we eat at restaurants or street vendors? How much money is enough? If you are Canadian and your travel destination is Vietnam and you concern its budget, then read the following “7 basic costs for a trip to Vietnam for Canadians” to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge before traveling to Vietnam.

1. The cost of Vietnam visa for Canadian citizens

Canadian citizens have 2 ways to get Vietnam visa.

The first one is to go to Vietnam embassy in Canada.

The cost of Vietnam visa for Canadian citizens at Vietnam embassy is 25$ – 155$, depending on the duration.

The second one is to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival. If you use this form, you will be charged with 2 types of fees: service fee and stamping fee as follows:

Cost of Vietnam visa on arrival for Canadians

Cost of Vietnam visa on arrival for Canadians

Full details of Vietnam visa on arrival for Canadians are available here: Vietnam visa for Canadians.

2. The cost of getting to and around Vietnam

You should consider where you will travel, by which means during your travel. Remember to refer to the experienced people, too. The cost includes airfare, car rental, parking, gas, taxi, train, bus ticket, and any other travel expenses involved in your trip.

Ask for airfare, car rental and train ticket prices by talking to a travel agent, booking agent or online to research rates during the time and place you are planning to travel.

3. The cost of accommodation in Vietnam

Cost of Vietnam accommodation - Vietnam visa

Cost of Vietnam accommodation

This is also an important step in obtaining a financial plan for a complete and economical overseas trip in Vietnam. The cost of accommodation includes the cost of the hotel, the resort and the stops wherever you visit.

You can search for hotels on Agoda.com, or booking.com, ranked by popularity, and cheap rates.

Overnight accommodation has many options depending on your finances, from budget hotels to luxury ones, or you can choose homestays to sleep. That’s good. If you are saving money, you can choose a budget hostel or homestay with rates from 100,000 – 250,000VND/night (5$-15$/night).

4. Cost for food in Vietnam

Cost of Vietnam food - Vietnam visa

Cost of Vietnam food

Dining expenses include your meals, drinks and snacks. The cost per meal is varied, if you are staying in a hotel or traveling to many different locations.

The cost of meals will be much cheaper, if you rent a room in which you can cook and buy groceries in the grocery store or you will be traveling in a comfortable car and can prepare your own meals and snacks.

Eating is like sleeping, so there are many options to choose from restaurants to street markets or street cafes. There is also the cost of enjoying the specialty snacks of your destination. Please refer to the price of food in advance to be able to calculate the cost of meals during the trip.

5. The cost for your entertainment in Vietnam

Some activities you take while traveling will be free, but you should still charge for parks, tickets, shows, excursions and other special events.

Look for prices at amusement parks, national parks and museums by viewing a guide book for the area. You can also visit the website to get an idea of ​​how much entertainment costs.

6. The incurred costs for your Vietnam travel

For example, if you are going on vacation at the beach, you will need to buy sunscreen and can rent an umbrella. You should also make a separate payment for emergency expenses such as medicine or an international call.

7. The costs of buying gifts and souvenirs during Vietnam trip

This is probably the hardest part of the cost control. Set aside some money you are willing to spend, and remember to not spend too much money on buying gifts and souvenirs for friends and family.

How to refer to the costs

  • You can use Google to find travel experiences to the place you want to go. You can find the means to get there, transportation in that tourist destination, travel bureaus, restaurants, specialty foods, hotels and motels that are reasonably priced.
  • You can go to Tripadvisor to search for the place you want to see restaurants and reviews.
  • After calculating the cost of a day, you multiply it by the number of days expected to go.
  • Remember to bring the visa when coming to Vietnam and ask friends and relatives to help when necessary.

Here come the basic costs of a trip to Vietnam for Canadian citizens but make sure that you will bring more than the estimated amount of money. Wish you have fun and money-saving trip in Vietnam!