Culinary festival 2014 in Nha Trang

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Coming to Nha Trang this time, visitors will have a great chance to join the Vietnamese Culture Cuisines Festival 2010 whose opening ceremony kicked off in this city on July 8.

culinary festival2014 in Nha Trang- vietnamembassy

During this six-day festival, there will be a cooking contest among ninety professional chefs from across from the country, featuring the essence of traditional dishes from all three regions of Vietnam – the north, the central and the south.

A cuisine market, replicating a Vietnamese traditional market, will also feature over 80 stalls offering regional specialities such as Cha Ca La Vong (grilled fish), Banh Dau Xanh (green bean cake) in the north; Bun Bo Hue (noodle with beef from Hue city) and Mi Quang (noodle dish from Quang Nam province) in the central; and Banh Xeo (crispy pancake) and Hu Tieu (noodles with seasoned and sautéed beef) in the south.

Visitors to the festival running through July 13, will be accorded the opportunity to purchase a wide range of high-quality Vietnamese products through more than 250 stands providing both essential goods and handicrafts.