Elephant race kicked off in Dak Lak province

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The Buon Don Ethnic Cultural Festival and the Elephant Race kicked off on March 12 in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak.

Elephant race in Dak Lak - overseas Vietnam embassies

Held in Buon Don District – the land of elephants, the festival consists of a wide range of cultural activities such as a buffalo sacrifice ceremony and gong performance, which pray for bumper crops and prosperity.

In addition, 18 elephants will show off their strength and skills in running, football and swimming games.

Coming to this biennial event, the visitors will also have a chance to enjoy performances of traditional music, costumes and cuisine along with touring the Yok Don National Forest and villages by elephants.

As part of the “2014 Central Highlands – Da Lat Tourism Year”, the festival will last until March 14.

Dak Lak province is dubbed as the home of tamed elephants. However, the number of the animals declined sharply from 502 in 1985 to 84 in 2000 and fewer than 60 in 2010.

In order to conserve its elephants, the province implemented a project worth 61 billion VND (3.1 million USD), under which a healthcare and research facility on elephant reproduction and conservation was established.