Oct, 2017

Estimated costs for a Vietnam trip for US citizens

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Vietnam is one of the leading travel destinations in Southeast Asia, especially for US citizens because of not only friendly Vietnamese, but also the cheap and reasonable price. Let’s see how to estimate costs for Vietnam trip as follow criteria.

1. Vietnam Visa Cost

The first thing that you have to concern about is how to obtain Vietnam visa with the lowest cost. Normally, there are two ways to get visa, in which Vietnam visa on arrival is more popular for its convenience and simplicity. In case applying for Vietnam visa on arrival, Vietnam-visa.com is the leading company which is transparent & customized pricing, along with enthusiastic consultants.

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Vietnam Visa from USA

2. Transportation

The second cost you can optimize in your trip is transportation fee. For your flight to Vietnam, there are cheap airlines such as Jetstar, Vietjet air with round-trip fares can range from 400$ to 600$ per common journey. If you can book promotion flight ticket, you will get much cheapper deals and tours.

Besides, you also should concern about transportation in the city. If you move a lot, renting a motorbike at tourist destinations or tourist centers will be the best choice. The cost is very reasonable about 100,000 to 150,000 VND per day. In addition, riding motorcycles on the streets of Vietnam will bring you a very interesting and memorable experience. You will be more active during your trip to move around the streets or go and stop at anywhere you want to spend more time to discover.

3. Accommodation

Except for luxury hotels or special service-prominently, the budget for staying cost can vary depend on the time you booked, the location as well as the quality of the accommodation. Normally, it is about 500,000 – 800,000 VND per 2-3 star hotel room per night.

In the big cities, the cost will be increased during the peak season, especially in famous tourist destinations such as Da Nang, Nha Trang, etc.

For hotels, the experience is that you should book as early as possible if your trip is in the summer, holidays or festive seasons because reservations on these occasions are very difficult.

4. Food

Overall, Vietnam dishes are usually excellent, really cheap ranging from 20,00 VND to 500,000 VND. You can save money by visiting the local restaurants or trying the street food. There are some common street food that you should eat such as pho, bread, meat sandwiches (called banh mi), donuts, etc. All of these dishes can be found for around 20,000 VND (around US$1)


Delicious “Pho”

Finally, there are still other tips for you. Instead of renting car, motorbike or taking a taxi, you can take a bus or tourist bus which is actually cheaper to move around the country. Another thing is bargaining hard. Tourists tend to be charged more than local people for everything from means of transportation, clothes to the food so it’d better you should make a bargain harder than usual to get a better deal.

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