Hanoi is busy at preparing for Earth Hour 2014

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The Earth Hour is about to come and like many other cities in Vietnam and all over the world as well, Hanoi is making its final steps for the Earth Hour 2014. The event will be televised live from the August Square in front of the Hanoi Opera House from 8 pm on March 29.

This annual event aims toEarth Hour 2014 in Hanoi - overseas Vietnam embassies raise public awareness of saving electricity and alleviating climate change threats, in response to the Year of Urban Order and Civilization launched by the municipal authorities.

As part of the drive, decorative lighting and neon advertising boards will be turned off from 8:30-9:30pm in Hanoi’s landmark venues such as Ngoc Son temple, Thap Rua (Tortoise Tower), The Huc bridge, Ly Thai To flower garden, Hanoi Opera House, Truc Bach lake and head offices of the municipal government and People’s Council.

Hanoi-based ministries, organizations and people are also urged to join the campaign.

On top of this, the municipal administration will increase communications activities in residential areas, spreading information on the benefits of the economical use of energy and water as well as impacts of climate change on each individual’s life.

Many local schools have responded to the Earth Hour campaign in the form of planting trees and collecting second-hand goods for recycling.

Together with artists and celebrities, students from Doan Thi Diem primary school, Viet Duc and Tran Phu high schools will join a waste recycling festival, as part of the “I will if you will” challenge which encourages people and companies to make a real commitment towards the Earth while challenging others to do the same.