Hoi An among top 10 world famous canals

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Hoi An Ancient Town (Quang Nam province in the Central) is the only city in Vietnam ranked fourth among 10 world famous canals. The list has recently released by the famous Touropia website.

According to the website, the canals come in all sorts and sizes, from waterways that connect oceans to small waterways within cities. These cities are compared with the Venice – the famous City of Canals in Italy and have a tendency to be called “The Venice of” their part of the world. But these cities have a charm and history of their own and are definitely worth a visit.

In the list, Hoi An followed the Canals of Venice (Italy), Canals of Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Canals of Bruges (Belgium). The Touropia described that: “This fishing-village-turned-tourist-hotspot is situated on the coast of the South China Sea in Vietnam. Hoi An has been an international port from the 16th century although the serious shipping business has long since moved to the city of Da Nang. The heart of the city is still the Old Town, full of winding lanes and Chinese-styled shophouses. It is sometimes called the “Venice of Vietnam” because of the narrow canals that cut through part of the town.”

Following are the pictures of Hoi An along the Hoai River:

hoi an along hoai river - vietnam embassies in foreign countries

hoi an ancient town along hoai river - vietnamembassy.org

hoi an ancient town along hoai river - vietnam embassies worldwide

A corner of Hoi An Ancient Town - vietnam embassy