North-West’s Spring Festival being held in Sapa

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Northest spring festival in Sapa in April - how to get a visa for VietnamThe “North-West’s Spring” Festival is coloring Sapa these days, from April 5-6. If you are staying there, don’t miss this chance. The event is organized to commemorate 1 year of launching Viettel’s  product set for ethnic minority people.

At 8am today, April 5, the opening ceremony is held in the Central Court of Sapa Town with the participation of 6 Northwestern art troupes and famous singers of Vietnam. The ceremony includes many ebullient cultural and art activities featuring the spring festivals in the highland.

Joining the festival, the ethnic minorities and visitors will be immersed in specific space of North-West region with unique markets, performances of ethnic minority costumes, folk games and enjoyed the culinary culture of North-West’s people…

Coming to the festival, visitors also have the opportunity to experience free products and services of Viettel, participate in many quiz games… In the framework of the festival, Viettel will also coordinate with the delegation of doctors from Viet Duc Hospital (Hanoi) to supply free physical and medicine for ethnic minority people in Lao Cai Province.

“North-West’s Spring” Festival is a chance for Lao Cai’s ethnic minority people to exchange and introduce their unique traditional beauty and also for domestic and international visitors to learn and experience special cultural values of the ethnic minority groups.