Sep, 2018

Take it easy to find ideal rental house for family in Hanoi

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Before you kick off the hunt for a new rental house in Hanoi, there are some considerations you should take to help you find an ideal property. If you have a good preparation before joining the game, you might end up finding a better house than your expectation. Your taken house sometimes will not be 100 percent like what you imagine from the beginning; thus, there are a number of steps that will assist you to acquire your dream rental house.

1. Figure out your needs and wishes

Whether you move to Hanoi with your partner only or with your family, needs are different from person to person and people tend to look for particular conditions which fit their style. First of all, have a list of the most important criteria to you. An apartment of 3 bedrooms, large balcony and lake view sounds very attractive. However, all of those may not make sense to you if it is quite far from your company or security is not good enough, which you give priority when opting for an apartment. So be aware of the fact that possibly you may not get exactly what you are seeking. Even a perfect unit with good location and full amenities still exists, it is not in your budget range.

2. Determine your maximum budget

Landlords can give you a small discount in some cases, but still, you should avoid having a look at apartments exceed your budget limit. Otherwise, you will overspend or feel unhappy because you cannot afford your interested unit. Alternatively, you should set a maximum figure on monthly rent and your search scope must be less than that number.

3. Narrow your search area

Though you might be keen on a specific area like the Old Quarter or West Lake because they are the most convenient and expat gathered ones, it is advised that you let your budget direct your hunt and keep a flexible thought. For instance, you are able to afford a 1 bedroom apartment around West Lake area, it is worth thinking about a 2 bedroom unit in Cau Giay District at cheaper monthly rent which still convenient but larger and more cost-saving.

4. Start searching

Real estate agent is a trustful source to work with when you are in need of a rental property in Hanoi. They will inform you any available apartment, contact the host for a walk-through and proceed other steps to ink the deal without any commission charge as long as you give them your requirements. Although most agents have website showing vacant properties, you’d better give a ring to the hotline to check up-to-date status in case rented out apartments have not been marked.

5. Take a visit to potential properties

Some houses are short-listed, now it’s time to see how they look like in person. There are a number of things that you should ensure before making a decision:

  • All furniture is in good condition
  • Electric facilities are working well
  • All functions of appliances can work properly
  • There are standard  fire alarm and fire safety equipment outside
  • Water and electricity supplies are enough

Do inspect the whole unit with open eyes and take pictures of every corner. Especially if you see any signs of damage, don’t hesitate to show the landlord so that they will have a plan to repair and release you from any responsibility later.

6. Source out the best option

After comparing all the viewed houses, it’s your own choice to decide which one is your destination. It’s normal that none of selected apartments is exact as what you want, be open to compromise your needs and go for the most acceptable unit. You are totally possible to negotiate with the landlord on rental, amenities, included services and move-in date. Don’t agree with all terms in the first proposal but try putting down an offer in spite of the fact that not all landlords are happy when you ask for a lower price. In the case you cannot make it, ask for other things such as free parking, covered cleaning and laundry, included electricity and water costs or whatever can reduce monthly expenses on this property.