What should New Zealanders bring to Vietnam?

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In recent years, the number of New Zealand tourists coming to Vietnam has increased constantly. In this post, we will provide some useful information on what to bring when coming to Vietnam so that you can experience a wonderful time in this country.

  1. Vietnam visa

Since New Zealand is not on the list of Vietnam visa exemption, so visitors from this country are required to apply for Vietnam visa before entering this country. Currently, there are 2 ways for New Zealand’s citizens to apply for Vietnam visa. The traditional way is to arrive at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in New Zealand, another one is to apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

There is a Vietnam Embassy in New Zealand, the contact details and address are as follow:

  • Address: Level 21, Grand Plimmer Tower, 2-6 Gilmer Terrace P.O. Box 8042, Welllington, New Zealand
  • Phone: (644) 473 5912
  • Fax: (644) 473 5913
  • Email: [email protected]

It will take you from 2 to 5 business days to complete the application procedures.

For visitors who plan to enter Vietnam by air, this type of application is considered much faster and cost-saving. Firstly, you don’t need to send your original passport away so there is no chance of losing it. Secondly, the whole procedure is made online, therefore, you can save expenses on traveling and delivery fee, especially when you live far from Embassy.

Besides, in terms of service time, it will only take you 2 working days (in normal service) to receive visa approval letter as compared to 5 working days of traditional one.

There are few steps included in the procedure for applying visa:

  • Fill in the online application form with necessary information on you and your trip.
  • Make payment via Credit/Debit Card.
  • Receive Visa Approval Letter after 2 working days, or 1 working day (in urgent service).
  • Get your visa stamped at airports.
  1. Recommended luggage 

Carry-on baggage: is the baggage at the right size, shape and weight that visitors can be placed under seat for passenger or storage compartment. Passengers at business class are allowed to bring 2 pieces of 7kg on board while those in economy class can only bring 1 piece of 7 kg.

Other legitimate belongings: The followings are items that you can bring on board without being charged:

  • Coat, blanket
  • Hand bag, purse
  • Walking stick or umbrella (except for the one with metal end)
  • Food for infant
  • Wheel chair that can be fully collapsed
  • Lap top, camera or binoculars.

Restricted items: Any kinds of weapons are not allowed to bring on airplane.

  • All kinds of knife and swords
  • Bludgeons, blackjacks and other similar items.

If one of these items is found on board, they will be confiscated and never returned to you. Please keep in mind that the baggage allowance for New Zealanders in Business and Delux Economy class is 40kg, 30kg and 10kg for economy and infant respectively.

  1. Note of contact

In case you face any difficulty in Vietnam, you should bring along some essential contacts: the first one is from Vietnam Embassy (above information), Vietnamese relatives. Finally, do not hesitate to contact us through email [email protected], or make a call to (+84) 946 583 583 (24/7), we will try to help you at our best.